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Of All Worlds Lost

Welcome to www.of-all-worlds-lost.com. This website will contain all webcomics I produce in the context of a greater science fiction universe I created over the years. Of All Worlds Lost comprises some different subseries with a variety of protagonists, that I hope to one day develop fully, the first of which being the Of Stars Profaned arc. The comic features spaceships, swordsmen, immortals and sorcerers whose origins lie within a transstellar human civilization long gone. The golden age of technology left mystifying creatures, artifacts and ancient ruins holding dangerous secrets.

Updates will be irregular until further notice.

I try to update "Of All Worlds Lost" as much as possible, but juggling a bunch of projects makes updating regularly difficult. Make sure to check in once in a while if you like the comic. If you want to get in touch and chat or want news about what I do, the progression of the comic and eventual downtimes, feel free to follow me on facebook and twitter. Or just tweet something at the hashtag #oawlcomic.

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